B021 The Who Back When 100th-Episode Podcast Extravaganza


We assemble to celebrate our 100th episode!

Who Back When just turned 100 (episodes) and to commemorate the occasion we sat down – in front of a camera, no less – to talk about some of our favourite, and least favourite, moments of Doctor Who, as well as the of our glorious podcast to date.

On top of that, we checked in with some of our regular listeners/contributors, aka The Super Fans, to see what they were up to and see if they wanted to take part in the conversation.

A huge THANK YOU goes out to everyone who sent in their stuff, in alphabetical and thus unbiased order: Alun, Davis, Debbie, Fabiola, Gina, Kyle, Robert, Stephen and Trenton!

Have a listen to the regular Audio version on WhoBackWhen.com, on Soundcloud, on iTunes or wherever good podcasts can be found, and if you want to see what we, the studio, and our awesome fans look like, then check out this video version! When you do, please subscribe to our YouTube channel, as we’ll be posting loads more videos very soon. Plus, until we have 100 subscribers we’re stuck with a channel URL that only a Dalek could memorise…

Finally, thank you, All, for all your love, support and your marvellously Whovian insights for the past 100 episodes! Here’s to many more!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! See you in 2016!


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