B019 The Magician’s Apprentice – Instant reaction review


An old foe, older friends and a creepy guy entirely made of snakes.

Doctor Who returned to our screens today with Series 9 and “The Magician’s Apprentice”, and along with the rest of the world, Who Back When sat down to watch it unfold.

The Magician’s Apprentice treats us to the origins of the Doctor’s arch-nemesis (shhh, quiet Missy!) and the doctor is faced with a difficult choice: to change time or save his friends. This episode was by consensus the best season opener Who Back When has ever seen. Enjoy.

We live-tweeted the event and connected with Whovians around the globe. Thank you, All, for taking part in the conversation!

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  1. Peter Zunitch

    If anyone is truly interested in young Davros, check out the big finish series, “I, Davros”. It’s pretty good, and even better if you I’ve seen the dalek episodes from Tom Baker and Peter Davidson eras.


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