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We tease some of the upcoming Who Back When extravaganzas and follow up with the tipsiest bloopers in our podcast’s history.

What-ho, dearest Podcastland, and Shazam!

Due to scheduling conflicts, our next review will drop in a week’s time instead, but in the meantime, here’s a tantalising bit of podcast magic to squelch into your earballs.

First off, we tease some of the upcoming Who Back When episodes and extravaganzas that we have planned for the next, hm, year or so — a Jodie Whittaker special, and a very special game-show episode, among others!

Then, just for good measure, an unprecedented event. Normally we drop blooper reels on anniversaries and holidays, and they cover months and months of outtakes. This time, however, we’ve included bloopers from one single recording, namely, our rather tipsy (and hilarious) review of N062 The Beast Below!


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