B023 Surprise January Bloopers


Fret not, we’re still here! In fact, take these Surprise January Bloopers as proof!

What-ho, Podcastland!

It’s been nearly a month since our latest podcast episode. Apologies for that. As Drew(d) mentions in the intro to these bonus bloopers, I (Ponken here, by the way) have taken rather ill, and I’m afraid the podcast has had to go on temporary hiatus while I recuperate. I’ll be back in the real world again shortly, though, and the show will go on, so stick around!

In the meantime, to tide you over, here are some crazy bloops that we’ve amassed since our last reel of outtakes. Our Wirrn Dawn review will be dropping shortly as well, and fresh recordings will follow.

Thanks to all of you in Podcastland for being your glorious selves, and thanks to Drew for the awesometastic intro.

Enjoy this behind-the-scenes glimpse at Who Back When | A Doctor Who Podcast.


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