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We rifle through our sacks and come up smiling

Aloha, Podcastland!

Correctamundo (“a word I have never used, and hopefully never will again”) — it’s Bonus Episode time! Alas, we had to reschedule this week’s Classic Who review, with a likely recording date of any-second-now. But we didn’t want your earballs to be without Who Back When on this fine Sunday, so we scrambled to assemble this Bonus Episode in its place. And it turned out really well!

Have a listen as Drew(d/id) and I (Ponken) sit down to read a bunch of (mostly positive) fan mail that’s come in over the years and answer questions, share podcasting trivia and, in the case of at least one piece of correspondence, confront our demons.

Want to send us a few words of your own? Feel free! We’d love to hear from you! Aim your missives at whobackwhen@gmail.com.

Drew and Ponken answer fan mail

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The Drewid


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