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We rifle through our sacks again to present to you the majesty of “Mailbag Episode 2: The Refilling”

As, for once, the four of us found ourselves in the same room and all mic’d up at the same time, we figured it was time for another Bonus Mailbag Episode!

Have a listen as we read out letters sent to us from citizens of Podcastland with suggestions for future episodes, a bit of praise, some constructive criticism, some less constructive criticism, yet another ranking of us as human beings (because apparently that’s morally sound) and a list of would-be Doctor Who porn parody titles.

We even dip a toe in the international pool of iTunes reviews you wonderful ladies and gentlemen have written for us.

Please keep your emails (and reviews) coming. We love hearing from you! Send your missives to and we may include them in a future mailbag ep.


Here's what you think One Response to “B038 The WBW Mailbag – Part 2”
  1. Arthur Fuxake (or Fuxake)

    Congratulations on another successful “hors-série” podcast episode. It was hugely enjoyable, as always, and tied up wonderfully with an especially heartwarming afterthought.

    I think that your format is hugely successful and strikes just the right balance between respect for the programme and irreverent humour. I also feel that although members of the team have come and gone, the show has managed to maintain a distinctly consistent style right through from the first ever episodes, to the present day. The danger of course, as you accumulate knowledge on the series, was to perhaps become too smug in your outlook but, thankfully and to the credit of all involved, this hasn’t happened at all.

    I wouldn’t change a single thing about the podcast and realise the amount of effort and work involved. Thank you all for making Whobackwhen a great listening experience and long may it continue.

    All the best,

    Arthur Fuxake (or Fuxake)

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