A008 Max Warp

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It’s ‘Top Gear’ in space and a Doctor Whodunnit to boot. The Doc and Lucie buckle up in this high octane murder mystery.

Part Doctor Whodunnit, largely Top Gear parody, Max Warp starts off with The Doctor and Lucie materialising at a spaceship show (the car show of the future), where the latest in spaceship design and engineering is being reported live on TV by the hosts of Max Warp, a scifi simulacrum of the aforementioned Terran programme. Next up is Timbo “The Ferret” who is to test-drive the new Kith Sunstorm, which he does, sort of, right into a nearby moon.

The Doc quickly deduces that this was no space traffic accident, but in fact deliberate murder, and thus starts a detective mystery that only our two intrepid protagonists can solve. And it’s not just a murder mystery they need to tackle, but the potential interstellar war brewing once again between former foes, the Varlon and the Kith, as well!

A008 Max Warp Doctor Who audiobook by Big Finish

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