C053 The Ambassadors of Death

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More astronaut-cosplaying aliens, palpably inappropriate music, and foreign conspirators from foreign countries

Three astronauts have been out of contact for 7 months, and the rescue astronaut sent after them also goes incommunicado. Bingo. In step U.N.I.T. and THE DOCTOR, who quickly dispatch the latter into space to rescue the chap who was sent to rescue the chaps.

Meanwhile, three astronauts do return to earth. But are they perhaps some dastardly, Martian invasion force? Or are they radioactive space ambassadors used for nefarious purposes by a renegade general, hell-bent on interstellar, thermonuclear war?



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One Response to “C053 The Ambassadors of Death”

  1. Peter z

    This series is both fantastical and down to Earth, and the characters are so well-rounded and believable that one might think their watching a historical rather than a fictional drama.
    The sets are fantastic with enough industrial locations to make one believe that they are in the heart of a space center and a radioactive lab respectively. The space ship models were handled with such care, and the alien ship was amazingly intimidating. I wish there were better images of it. The costuming is perfect as well, with the space suits looking both functional for the astronauts and menacing for the ambassadors. Let’s not forget the hauntingly brilliant music choice used for the aliens as well. It’s so incredibly different from that used for any previous baddie and it just works brilliantly.
    On a production note, if we could go back in time and “retro re-shoot” one element, it would have be the only pantomime schlock in the story, that of the acting of the alien leader. He should instead have been as slow and menacing as the ambassadors.
    The story itself is original and refreshing, with twists that keep you guessing about exactly who is involved and to what extent. The retro-rewrite of the week would involve less scenes of the radio isotopes (repetitive), and instead I would have preferred to have seen more “Stockholm Syndrome” scenes in the enemy bunker. Honestly though I found the rest of the script solid and true.
    There were certainly pacing issues. The story was less than constant breakneck action, but it i didn’t need it to be. It was an interesting story that was portrayed realistically. The people involved should be proud of themselves. It’s a series that despite some flaws has great re-watchability, and that earns it a Liz Shaw stunt double in a wide-brimmed hat and heels of a 4.1


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