A005 No More Lies

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The 8th Doctor and Lucie Miller crash a garden party, ride Pterodactyl-like creatures and meet Miss Marple in this lovely audiobook adventure.

This audiobook kicks off mid-action with The 8th Doctor and his trusted companion Lucie Miller aboard a spaceship in hot pursuit of a time-tech thief who, despite being an extra-terrestrial, is called Dr Zimmerman. Zimmerman, played by veteran actor Nigel Havers (sans Doctor Who connection, but avec Sarah Jane Adventures connection – see the screenshot here below), has inadvertently lead a bunch of time-eating, Vortisaur-riding Tar Modowk warriors to the spaceship as well, and escapes, leaving Doc and Lucie to fend for themselves.

Nigel Havers in The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith
Yes, Doctor, that IS Nigel Havers in ‘The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith’!

Happily, McGann Doctor and Lucie make it back to the TARDIS alive, follow Zimmerman’s time track to – surprise, surprise – Earth, more specifically England, where they are greeted by Inspector Gordon Davidson, played by none other than Doctor Who veteran Tom Chadbon, who’s in charge of security at the party, but eventually relents and lets them enter without an invitation.

Doctor Who Tom Baker and Tom Chadbon as Duggan in City of Death
Tom Chadbon as Duggan alongside Tom Baker in ‘City of Death’ – Aww, I remember this serial now…

Soon they discover that (a) Zimmerman has aged 30 years and is now happily married to Rachel, played by Marple star Julia McKenzie, whose birthday garden-party is happening right then and there, and (b) there’s something very odd going on with the local temporal energy, which in turn is luring the Tar Modowk out of the Vortex and onto the lawn.

Looks like they have no choice but to crash the party.

A005 No More Lies Doctor Who Big Finish audiobook

Tom Chadbon as Merdeen in Trial of a Timelord
Tom Chadbon as Merdeen in ‘Trial of a Timelord’

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