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A few Ood short of The Satan Pit

Chris Chibnall, soon to be taking over as showrunner for Doctor Who, penned this Satan Pit-esque story about the perhaps freelance crew that may be fuel pirates who have, possibly illegally, just harvested “sun” and are now (a) uncontrollably plummeting towards it – perhaps due to sabotage, possibly just because of gravity – and (b) turning into sun zombies and incinerating each other, mayhap as revenge.

In any event, this episode reeks of The Impossible Planet & The Satan Pit. In fact, remove the Ood, replace the devil that possesses crew members with a demonic sun that (perhaps) infects them, and you’ve got a pretty decent facsimile. We weren’t tremendously fond of the original to begin with, though, so guess what we thought of this one… ;-)

  • Did Martha Jones finally pull her weight in this one?
  • Was she right about The Tenth Doctor being an unnecessary addition to this episode?
  • How do you choose when you call someone through space-time?

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