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Superfluous singing, the power of love and some of the worst parenting ever.

The Tenth Doctor and Rose arrive in London, just ahead of the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics. They quickly deduce that something’s amiss in Dame Kelly Holmes Close, though. Children have been going missing – not that it’s worried the adults on the street in the slightest, no. Kids go missing all the time, right? And surely the weird, antisocial girl who constantly paws at her window can’t be involved, even though she threatens to draw her mum and has pictures of all the missing children in her room. Nope, seems pretty reasonable to ignore her altogether.

Anyway, what follows is the lowest rated episode of New Who to date – apologies, Love and Monsters was in fact the second-lowest rated one – about an antisocial girl and a sentient space flower called an Isolus (pronounced roughly “I soulless”).

Unsurprisingly, we had a fair bit to say about this Doctor Who story.


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