Tracey's Corner

Wordsmith extraordinaire, Tracey Fountain is a prolific author of Doctor Who fan fiction. She’s even written some awesome Doctor Who / Who Back When crossovers!

Blog Helis of Micros

Nik finds himself in an unfamiliar place with people who talk of “the Effect” and “drafting”, tracking a mysterious illness that travels the globe. Can Nik, the Doctor and their new friends prevent a cataclysm?

Blog Drinking the Tea of the Universe

Snowfall. Five of a kind. Robrana. Even a simple museum visit can be hazardous when the Doctor is involved. Is Miriam among friends or enemies? And what is the Oid?

Blog Strange Circle

The Doctor calls on Jim for a quick spin in the TARDIS, and soon they will have been about to have already embarked on an adventure that’s about to happen.

Blog Dreamer, Epilogue

Well, I suppose you want to know how it all turned out.

Blog Dreamer, Part 2

Glad returns to the land of her family. But where are they, when is she, and have the problems been solved or have they gotten worse?

Blog Dreamer, Part 1

Marie travels far without going anywhere, leaves her family only to find her family, and meets a familiar traveler who explains dNA and how it relates to her dreams.

Blog Little Lost

Tracey shares the story of that time Leon encountered The Doctor. Behold the very first piece of fanfic featuring a Who Back When host!

Blog 1:47

Staring at this mystery Doctor (and I hope this amuses a few of you) I said, “Who?”