Pew Pew Pew

We may be a non-religious podcast, but our very own DrewBackWhen doubles as our Christian correspondent, believe it or not. Wherever you stand, please enjoy his religious readings.

Blog Pew Pew Pew #4: The Sacred Shouldn’t Be Sacred

DrewBackWhen summarises why a more respectful, inclusive, and expansive dialogue between science and religion on Doctor Who benefits everyone.

Blog Pew Pew Pew #3: False Gods and Massive Cults

DrewBackWhen delves into The Rings Of Akhaten and finds its critique of cults and religion doesn’t quite land.

Blog Pew Pew Pew #2: …and Very Naughty Boys

DrewBackWhen continues his religious reading of Doctor Who with a broader look at the Doctor’s ethics and thoughts on gun control.

Blog Pew Pew Pew #1: Messiahs…

What makes Messiah complexes so complex?