B006 Dr Who and The Daleks


The Doc’s now a mere human; Susan should be in primary school; Barbara is her sister; and Ian just wants to tap-dance. What the actual f**k?!

Dr (Hugh?) Who, PhD, a regular Joe-Goofy-Inventor, is enjoying a pleasant read in the sitting room with his two granddaughters, Susan Who and Barbara Who, when the latter’s boyfriend, Ian Chesterton, arrives to give his girlfriend a box of chocolates, but apparently not do anything else with her, because there’s no mention of dinner plans, theatre tickets or even a stroll. Also, not a hug or a kiss passes between them, so it appears they have the most platonic relationship any screen couple has ever had in the history of cinema.

Anyway, Dr Who has – at some point prior to sitting down in the lounge to read his comic book – completed the construction of the TARDIS. However, he really has not made any plans to use it, it seems, or in any case he’s not in a hurry to do so, because, well, he’s reading a f***king comic book instead. When Ian nearly sits down on part of the TARDIS, however, The Whos decide to give him the grand tour of it, upon which he accidentally activates it and sends them all to Skaro. Possibly. We’re never told the name of the planet, so perhaps this is another planet populated by Daleks and Thal, which may in fact account for the many other discrepancies to follow. Holy sh*t! That’s probably it! Nailed it!!

Ok, so what ensues is a remake, more or less, of the 2nd ever William Hartnell serial, The Daleks. Before listening to this podcast episode, you may want to have a listen to our review of the original.


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  1. Davis Williams | @ShrubThe

    I’m going to go ahead and start out by saying I do not like the Cushing movies. I found them completely boring and pointless. Sorry, if you liked them.

    I’m going to be honest, I haven’t watched this movie In a few months, so my review might not be accurate. However, from what I remember, these movies were badly recreated replicas of the original serials. It’s better for me just to make a list here.

    Things I did not like:
    -The acting
    -The characters being played by different people. I realize the doctor has been played by 13 people, but each doctor has been very different. This is just Peter Cushing trying to be the first doctor.
    -the Daleks shoot gas?
    -Why were the Thals wearing wavy make up?
    -Susan is 8.

    Things I did like-
    -the TARDIS interior.
    -it’s kind of cool seeing the stories in color.

    As you can see, I’m not a big fan. I give this movie a 1.0. And that’s being generous.


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