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Meet the latest addition to Who Back When, The Roarmeister, who henceforth will be doing Classic Who reviews with Ponken.

BADABING! We have a new Co-Host!

Who Back When is mega-chuffed and giga-proud to announce our partial regeneration! Behold, The Roarmeister!

[An actual picture of The Roarmeister may be added here at some point, but in the meantime just picture a six-armed, crown-adorned, guitar-savvy god of geekdom who breathes fire and has the ability to hear colours.]

We know you’ve been missing our Classic Who reviews. Timelord knows some of you kept letting us know precisely how angry their absence made you…
The Flap is still otherwise engaged and will be returning to Who Back When for the occasional review and bonus Whovian chat, but – fret not – the show goes on.

The Roarmeister, albeit just as much of a Who rookie (Wookie?) as I (Ponken), brings not just a wealth of wit to the show, but also a bonanza of nerd-knowhow. Before recording our first Classic Who review together, namely, The Time Meddler, I sat down with The Roarmeister to find out more about the man, the myth, the co-host.

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