A012 The Zygon Who Fell To Earth

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Doc & Lucie meet Auntie Pat again, and this time she’s married, successful and happy… Well, they’ll have to fix that, won’t they?

Doc and Lucie go to meet Wordsworth, but miss the mark and end up in Grasmere in 1984, which is a shame, because this probably could have been a more interesting adventure. On the other hand, they do get to hang out with Auntie Pat (of Horror of Glam Rock fame)!

It turns out, even though Lucie, The Doctor and we, the audience, thought Auntie Pat was a sad spinster who never amounted to anything in her life, here she is running her own B&B and happily married to an unjustifiably successful folk singer named Trevor, played by (*drum roll, please*) freaking Steven Pacey of Blakes 7! So clearly Patty’s doing pretty well for herself, n’est pas?

That can’t be it, though, surely? Nope, sadly not. Because there are two more people checking into the B&B, namely, Urtak and Mims, two Zygons in disguise who are intent on taking over the world, and have come to ask Trevor to give them a hand. Trevor, you see, has a secret, and you’ll never guess what it is. Spoiler alert: Yes, you will.

steven pacey as del tarrant in blakes 7
Steven Pacey as Del Tarrant in Blakes 7


Doctor Who A012 The Zygon Who Fell To Earth

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