B017 Capaldi’s Series 8 Retrospective (Part II)


A moon dragon, a bush junkie and the Master who could have been. It’s our look back on Capaldi’s Series 8 (Part 2)

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Series 9 is now only a fortnight away and – to celebrate that fact – here’s the second and concluding part of our Series 8 retrospective. We pick up where we left off in Part I, starting with “Kill the moon” and working our way to “Death in Heaven”. And along the way, we talk Danny Pink, the Missy/Master we got, the Master who could have been, the virtue of traumatising children with a skewed view of the afterlife and what happened after the giant lunar dragon left us with nothing but end credits.

Hope you like this one, folks. If you haven’t heard it already, then check out Part I of our Capaldi Series 8 Retrospective,
and for an in-depth review of Capaldi’s first Christmas Special, “Last Christmas”, check out this special bonus review!

PS: Here’s the 2015-to-1968 Cybermen callback mentioned in this episode.

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One Response to “B017 Capaldi’s Series 8 Retrospective (Part II)”

  1. 100 Watt Walrus

    Ponken, how can you have zero problem at all with the out-and-out idiotic, demonstrably impossible, poorly-thought-out and hole-riddled concepts of the Moon being an egg and forests sprouting up “overnight” around the world (then disappearing again without any consequence or damage), and yet get your pants all bunched up about a temporary companion in “Kill the Moon” and a throwaway bit at the end of “The Forest of the Night” in which a girl happens to be sitting in a bush? Priorities, man.


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