B016 Capaldi’s Series 8 Retrospective (Part I)


A dinosaur, the afterlife and a badass new Doctor. It’s our look back on Capaldi’s Series 8 (Part 1)

Shazam, Podcastland!

We’ve had a whole series of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, and now that we’re on the precipice of Series 9, we thought we’d lean back in our armchairs and go through Series 8. Voilà, we give you the Series 8 Retrospective, in which we discuss how we felt about each individual episode and touch upon some of the characters and themes therein.

We ended up ranting for quite a while, so this is part 1 of 2. It covers the first 6 episodes, “Deep Breath” to “The Caretaker”.
Part 2 will be released very soon, covering “Kill the moon” to “Death in Heaven”.

For an in-depth review of Capaldi’s first Christmas Special, “Last Christmas”, check out our special bonus review of it!


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