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Too much action, too little plot, or exactly the right measure of either? And what did we think of the Full Metal Jacket Potato? We react instant(ish)ly!

Doctor Who is back!!

On the first day after Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor made her first appearance in her last season during her penultimate year before the three specials of next year which for the first time ever will be her last year, we sat down to share some of our instant(ish) reactions to Doctor Who: Flux.

How did we feel about it? How did we feel about it upon second viewing? Feast your earballs on this bonus episode to find out! Among the many topics we discuss, you’ll hear:

  • Are multiple dog breeds represented among the Lupari?
  • Was there too much action and too little plot, or just the right amount of both?
  • Is John Bishop a good actor and did we really need a second companion?
  • Is Grey Worm sneakily a third companion?
  • And was Dan Stevens in this episode?

Omg, and so much more! Stop whatever you’re doing and listen to this unvarnished, brutally honest instant(ish) review of The Halloween Apocalypse.

Here's what you think 3 Responses to “B075 Doctor Who: Flux, Part 1 — Instant(ish)Reaction Review”
  1. Andy Parkinson | @caffreys71

    Well WOWZERS!! I may be suffering a dopamine rush after having no new eps for a while, but blimey this one walked up and smacked you in the kisser.


    • The visuals are amazing, I don’t think the show has ever looked this good.
    • Yaz feels so much more confident
    • There are so many strands to develop I can’t wait to see how they pan out
    • Cliffhangers are back baby!
    • The Flux looks fluxxing scary
    • I get strong E-Space/Logopolis vibes

    I do have a couple of beefs

    • John Bishop as Dan did have a bit of a ropey start, he grew in to it the longer it went on, but it wasn’t the greatest performance. Where I instantly bought in to Bradley Walsh’s portrayal of Graham, I think John Bishop might take a bit longer. It was filmed during lockdown though and that must’ve been tough so I can let it slide for now
    • The Karvanista – ok cute dog thing, but it just feels wrong. I don’t know if it’s there for the kids, but I didn’t like him. Kind of feels like the Ewoks in Star Wars – I just don’t buy that he’s tough or vicious.

    Overall though I thought it was a cracking opening episode and perhaps for the first time in New Who I’m actually excited for next week. That’s something that hasn’t happened since Classic era. It wasn’t perfect but it was pretty close.
    I award it 4.9 glowing blue laser axes out of 5

  2. Tracey from America | @yecartniatnouf

    4 or 5 strangers, each with a story, unrelated…we learn who they are and what they’re about…but are their stories about to be intertwined? Spoilers: yes.
    Like it or hate it, this is a Chibnall format. For me, it’s gotten old quick. This episode did not engage me and I’m not enthusiastic about what’s ahead, but willing to be surprised I guess.
    Because I didn’t like this I’m going to rate it a no point no.

  3. Kieren Evans

    Argh, curses. I was going to send something in but oh well.
    Generally I thought it wasn’t bad. The cold open was a bit too dumb for me.
    The angel scene was done well.
    I’ll reserve full judgement until we have had a few more eps of the Flux.

    So something around a 3.3 to 3.7 out of 5.

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