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A Beetle Backpack, the Death of the Doctor and the Return of Rose. Could this be any more epic?!

The Doctor has taken Donna on a trip to see Space China, sampling the wares and talking to the locals, when Donna goes and gets herself a Time Beetle and unknowingly ruins the world, nay, the universe.

Rewind to the Christmas of The Runaway Bride. The Doctor doesn’t survive the Racnoss spider lady, and every successive alien invasion gradually depletes Earth’s heroic defences.

Now Rose Tyler, returned from her parallel universe, must convince alternate timeline Donna to aid her in fixing the world and saving the whole of Britain from having to live in Leeds.

Watch this short teaser for our Turn Left review. It’s muy caliente!

What do you think of this comparison shot?
Planet of Spiders (Third Doctor) vs. Turn Left (Tenth Doctor)



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