N034 The Lazarus Experiment

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Thank goodness for big, red, scorpion-monster-friendly buttons!

The Tenth Doctor has finally had enough of Martha Jones, so we kick off this episode with him returning her to her bedroom. (Let’s all just glaze over the fact that he somehow found out about its whereabouts and dimensions on his own.) Just as he’s prepping to leave her forever, however, he learns of the unveiling of a new humanity-redefining invention by Professor Lazarus, and is convinced to stick around a while longer. Guess if there’s going to be a monster.



As promised, here are the comparison shots of Lazarus:
the different faces of Mark Gatiss as Professor Lazarus in Doctor Who

PS: We didn’t mention this on the show, but this ep starts with the TARDIS flying through the time vortex – something we don’t get to see too often outside of the opening credits…

PS2: Oh, and also…

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