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Our latest Podcast episodes

The latest New Who reviews

N002 The End of The World

The Doc takes Rose to the End of the World, but there’s no restaurant there.

Eccleston > Rose > Balhoonian > Boekind > Crespallion > Forest of Cheem > New Humans > Pakoo

N001 Rose

The doctor gets a facelift and a brand new companion in this opener to the 2005 revival.

Eccleston > Rose > Autons > Nestene Consciousness

The latest Classic Who reviews

C017 The Time Meddler

The Doctor, Vicki and Steve arrive in England in 1066 and are pitted against Saxon logic, brutal Vikings and a fellow time traveller.

Hartnell > Vicki > Steven > Timelords

016 The Chase

The Doctor says farewell to two trusted companions, but first they battle Desert Squids, Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula and Spherical Daleks.

Hartnell > Ian > Barbara > Vicki > Steven > Aridians > Daleks > Frankenstein's Monster > Gubbage Cones (Fungoids) > Mechanoid > Vampires

The latest Doctor Who Audiobook reviews

A011 Grand Theft Cosmos

Doc and Lucie go to Stockholm to steal art from the King and match wits with an Italian chap from outer space.

McGann > Lucie >

A010 The Skull of Sobek

Doc & Lucie match wits with crocodiles while we refuse to even pretend that we care.

McGann > Lucie > Indigo 3 humanoids > Sobeks

The latest Bonus episodes

BONUS: We have a new Co-Host!

Meet the latest addition to Who Back When, The Roarmeister, who henceforth will be doing Classic Who reviews with Ponken.

Uncategorized >

BONUS Commentary Track – Rose

BONUS audio commentary track for ‘Rose’, in which Eccleston is introduced as the Doctor and Rose charms our socks off!

Eccleston > Rose > Autons > Nestene Consciousness

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About the Podcast

There are hundreds of Doctor Who TV stories out there and we intend to watch to them all! Not just that – We’ll watch, review, discuss, debate, rate and praise and/or poke holes in every episode of Doctor Who, starting with the 1963 pilot. That’s right, we’re beginning with William Hartnell and then working our way forward through time, episode by episode and Doctor by Doctor.

And now we’re tackling the audiobooks, too! Now that über-Whovian, JD, has joined Who Back When, we’re reviewing The 8th Doctor Adventures by Big Finish.

From comparing Dalek and Cybermen military strategems to ranking companions by hairstyle, we’ve got it covered. And while you subscribe to us on iTunes, we’re populating WhoBackWhen.com with written reviews, episode statistics and an ever-growing visual index of aliens, creatures, historical figures and companions that the Doctor meets along the way.