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Our new Doctor has already started flexing his muscles. Have a listen to our musings on Peter Capaldi’s debut as the Time Lord.

Recorded a couple of days after Peter Capaldi’s second (full) episode as The Doctor, Into The Dalek, we sat down to share and discuss our first impressions.

Among the topics that we cover in this bonus episode, you’ll find such nuggets as:

  • What do we think of the new Doctor?
  • Has Clara’s personality changed?
  • The new opening title sequence
  • Clara and Mr Pink vis-à-vis Barbara and Ian
  • The new theme tune
  • The new TARDIS interior
  • The TARDIS exterior, and if it’s changed at all
  • What actually went through the minds of the 6 individuals who for some reason felt it necessary to write in and complain about the lesbian lizard kiss?

(On another note, I (Ponken) would just like to add that I completely forgot to bring up the weird cartoon sound effect when Vastra knocks out The Doctor. In case it’s been on your mind as well, I thought it was perhaps a little out of place, but in the end it did no real harm to an episode that was otherwise utterly spectacular.)

Here's what you think 2 Responses to “B008 The Peter Capaldi Debut!”
  1. Michael Poteet

    I really enjoyed your discussion of Capaldi’s first two outings, and certainly covet your knowledge of the classic Doctors! I like series 8 a great deal so far. Not so sure I like the Doctor as a person at the moment — he is fairly callous and harsh in “Into the Dalek” (I know that’s an established aspect of the Doctor’s character; it’s simply an abrupt shift from the 11th) — but I have no doubt, as you said, we’re on his journey of self-discovery and change for a while.

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