Sometimes, careless talk costs lives. Sometimes an accidental rhyme in the middle of a podcast (40:45) leads to inspiration.


Broton the Zygon arrived long ago,

took one look at Earth, said, “let’s give it a go”.

Twas centuries long just for Nessie to grow,

But with sucker-filled rage it was time for the show.


“This world will be mine, we have none you see?

I’ll make everything chilly, and you’ll bow down to me”.

My Squidbillies are coming, we play the long game.

With a habitable planet they’ll be chanting my name.


He supplanted a Forgil, the Duke with the moors,

But a bloke from a rig, don collapsed on his floors.

So the Doctor and UNIT they knocked at his doors.

He said, “you stay back” or the oil gets what for’s.


With beeping and creeping, and cams in a moose,

The good guys were flummoxed, and said, “what’s the use?”

So he gassed them, and shot them and cloned them again,

And prepped for the summit to blow the house in.


With his enemies closing and time running out,

Broton the Zygon took his dog whistle out.

He called for his Nessie, who just wanted to eat,

And didn’t give a rats ass whose world was at whose feet.


But the Doc Harry Sarah, and Brigadier mucked it up.

So he said, “if I can’t have it, I’ll blow you all up!”

Then Beautiful Broty, he went on the run,

But met his demise at the point of a gun.


While Broton the Zygon lay dead on the ground

They missed him already, the audience found.

They wrote in for years and said, “bring Zygons around”

But Broton the Zygon was not to be found.






This article was written by Peter Zunitch
Father, husband, video editor, writer. I want to experience and create stories of all kinds in all mediums and genres. I want to teach and learn something new.