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Save all of time and space with the Doctor in this immersive theatrical adventure!

Time Fracture is the first ever immersive theatrical adventure set in the Whoniverse, and probably the closest thing to being in an episode of Doctor Who.

Here’s how the creative geniuses behind the event describe it:

The Doctor needs you! The Universe as we know it is at stake – now is the time to step up and be the hero. For decades, in a quiet corner of Mayfair, London, a dangerous rift in time and space has been monitored by a group of loyal members of the long-thought-disbanded Unified Intelligence Taskforce – or UNIT for short. Until now they have managed to protect the people of Earth from the threat the rift poses but, weakened and beaten back as the Time Fracture grows out of control, they’re now close to defeat. With 43 live actors and 17 different worlds to explore, take an epic journey across space and time, travel to exciting new (and old) places, confront menacing monsters and encounter ancient aliens – all while you battle to save all of existence!

For this Bonus episode, Leon sat down for a casual chat and some nerdy bants with the marvellous Kat (for her podcasting debut) and “living, breathing encyclopaedia of Doctor Who”, and former Who Back When regular cohost, jD. This episode is split into three parts:

  • A Spoiler-free review of Time Fracture
  • A Spoiler-tastic review of Time Fracture (starting 23min into the episode — Fret not, Podcastland, it’s clearly signposted) 
  • A quick chat about the actors rumoured to play the 14th Doctor (starting at 1h20min)

Book your own tickets to see Time Fracture here pronto, if you happen to be in the neighbourhood and have even an ounce of common sense. The universe depends on it!


Here's what you think 3 Responses to “B073 Time Fracture | Immersive Theatrical Adventure – Review”
  1. JD (mariuskane)

    Thanks for having me back for the informal nerd chat. It’s been too long. Much vodka, wine and whatever Kat was drinking was consumed while talking Doctor Who.

    For the love of everything please go and see time fracture !

  2. Peter Zunitch

    Thank you so much for this. I’ve been hearing so much about Time Fracture and would really love to experience it. Unfortunately it’s 1/4 of the way around the world and there’s this big watery thing in the way. Given that I doubt It will ever make it to my end of the woods, I loved both the overview and spoilers. I was super curious about what it was like and at least you got me one step closer.

    On a production note. I loved having the three different perspectives from three levels of fans. Totally helps with perspective. Kat was a great guest featuring the novice fan. If this is your first podcast, congrats, you’re a natural.

    Amazing to hear from JD! Hope you are well. Totally loved the sort of insiders opinion of the production. Don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse but I always go to movies, plays, events etc. and try to figure out how they do what they do behind the scenes. I loved hearing your thoughts on it.

    Leon. Yeah whatever… no just joking, Bravo as always. Don’t mess with perfection!

    Thank you!


    Great episode! I visited yesterday and it was great hearing you experiences.

    I went in not knowing much about the show and loved it. We actually had a more or less a private show experience from the market scene right through to the interval with ‘Brain the ood’ me and my dad found him sat alone at a table and sat down and ended up going on an assassination mission with him. We even met Davros. There were of course rooms we didn’t get to experience but we did also get to learn about little side stories and rooms that we are pretty sure that no one else in our group go to see.

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