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We act out the latest story by oh-so-big Super-Whovian, Michael Ridgway


Happy Christmas, you marvellous bunch!

Just in time for the holidays, all-round spiffing gent, Whovian oh-so-big, and fellow citizen of Podastland, Michael Ridgway, sent us an epic, ultra-violent, gore-fest that he described as “a simultaneous sequel to The Five Doctors, The Timeless Children, The Trial of a Timelord, and [his] favourite movie, Battle Royale“. It’s precisely as insane and amazing as it sounds. You can read the whole story here!

So, as a little holiday surprise, we thought we’d enact it. It’s all single-take, zero-rehearsal, and perhaps a tiny bit booze-fuelled.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays to You All!



Here's what you think 2 Responses to “B068 Who Will Survive?”
  1. Peter Zunitch

    Wtf was that?

    That was great! I mean horrible! I mean I never want to listen to that ever again. And by that I mean i will right away.

    Seriously though the reads were light hearted enough to balance the ultra-violence, and the story captured the characters well, whilst taking them totally out of context.. If you dont mind though, and dont take this as an insult, I wont be using this as a “if you are introducing someone new to dr who, what story should they experience first?” Candidate.

    I’ll never look at Fortnite the same way, will never watch Battle Royal, will now laugh at the hunger games, and will never have Tea with Michael R. Though I will buy him a beer if we ever meet.

    Happy New Year to all.
    Thanks again.

    Well done by all.

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