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Doc and Lucie materialise in a Scooby Doo episode and wade through snow, battling fake monsters and avoiding holes of both the worm and plot variety.

Cowabunga! It’s time for a Scooby Doo episode, literally and it appears also intentionally, as it even includes an “And I would have gotten away with it, too”-type line of dialogue.

The Doctor and Lucie materialise on the Martian moon of Phobos, which in the future is essentially a skiing resort run by hippies and overrun by adrenalin junkies with questionable accents. Also on Phobos, atop a mountain, is a wormhole down which said adrenalin junkies (or “Drennies” as they prefer to be called) enjoy bungee jumping. For some time now, though, the camp “elder”, Kai Tobias (played by Timothy West) has been telling stories of monsters, aka Phobians, living in the wormhole and occasionally coming out and killing tourists. His partner, Eris (played by Nerys Hughes, see screenshot here below), however, thinks this is all a load of utter nonsense. Well, Eris, that’s something we have in common.

Doctor Who Phobos Nerys Hughes in Kinda
Nerys Hughes previously appearing on Doctor Who, as Todd in ‘Kinda’

In addition to The Doctor and Lucie we get to meet a few more of Phobos’ visitors, namely, the Githean Farl (a big, furry chauvinist played by Tim Sutton) and his presumably human girlfriend Amy (played by Katarina Olson, whom we’ve previously encountered in the form of The Headhunter, and *spoiler alert* whom we will encounter again as such in a short cutscene at the end of this one). We’re also introduced to Drew (Ben Silverstone) and Hayden (John Schwab, screenshot below), two bodacious dudes who are there to enjoy the thrills of Phobos, and who are, it transpires, “just friends”.

Doctor Who Phobos John Schwab as Bywater in Dalek
John Schwab previously appearing on Doctor Who, as Bywater in ‘Dalek’

Anyway, when Doc and Lucie arrive, a faux-Australian Drennie has just been brutally murdered, the above-mentioned tourists’ lives are threatened by the Phobians and something just ain’t right.

The Ratings-and-Reviews Sections of this podcast episode kicks off at:
1 hour 5 minutes 55 seconds

… and lasts for a good few minutes before we start congratulating ourselves
on being so witty.

Doctor Who audiobook Phobos

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