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The Doc and Lucie interrupt suicidal star-crossed lovers and get entangled with divine pervs who communicate via walkie-talkie

The Doc and Lucie arrive on a mountain top, only to interrupt suicidal star-crossed lovers, Sararti and Prince Kalkin shortly after they’ve gotten hitched. Weird.

Anyway, it transpires their “parents” are Zeus and Hera, two of a bunch of rather mythically named characters, who are self-proclaimed Gods on this planet. Again, weird. But hang on, that’s not all. They travel about in chariots (helicopters), communicate via ether trumpet (walkie-talkie) and kill each other with magic staffs (rifles, presumably). So, yeah, it just got weirder.

Doctor Who Ian McNeice Churchill
Ian McNeice previously appearing on Doctor Who as Winston Churchill

*spoilers below*

Zeus – majestically portrayed by Doctor Who veteran Ian McNeice – & Co have set themselves up as immortals, in that they clone themselves, raise the clones as their offspring and then mind-wipe them and transfer their own consciousnesses into their young, nubile bodies once they’ve grown too weak and decrepit themselves. Again, weird. But what a marvellous premise!

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3 Responses to “A003 Immortal Beloved”

  1. You got it wrong. Zeus was stabbed and Kalkin makes a deal with Zeus so Lucy will not be harmed.

  2. Hera was having a heart attack. She is rushed to the chamber and the swap is started, but Hera dies just before the transfer is done. No one knows that the transfer did not work (except the doctor). Sarati pretends to be Hera and everyone thinks it worked. Sarati asks Airies for a knife to kill off Hera’s old body. She has the knife and stabs Zeus several times. Airies is not hurt. Zeus is rushed to be operated. Kalkin is summed to the room Zeus is recovering and makes a deal with Kalkin. Zeus promises not to hurt (clone Lucie) if Kalkin and swaps bodies now (Zeus needs to transfer soon because of the injuries of the attack).

    If you are going to do a review get the plot especially the ending right. You had plot inconsistencies in the last review.

    • Hey Juan,

      Thanks for listening. First off, take it easy. Deep breaths. ;) You ok there? Feeling better? Cool. No need to take this so seriously, after all.

      You’re absolutely right about Sarati stabbing Zeus, not Ares. Well-spotted, dude.

      However, everything else that you point out in your comment, I’m pretty sure, is what we say in our review as well. (Fast-forward about 40min in.)

      Hope you enjoy the show.




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