Shazam! Ecce the Who Back When Blog, a part of the internet that we’re hopeful will grow into yet another time vampire, in which to wisely invest your spare time.

What’s in the blog?

At the time of posting this intro-post, this blog/article archive is still in its infancy. What kind of content will this blog eventually cover, though, you ask? Well, truth be told, it could be almost anything. As long as it’s Whovian, it qualifies. Latest Doctor Who News, Trending Doctor Who Topics, contemplations on teasers and trailers, interviews with cast and crew that are worthy of rumination, book reviews, comic book reviews, comic relief reviews, relief etchings depicting The Doc — all of these things may be dealt with on the blog on a basis ranging from occasional, through recurring, to regular.

Part of the scope of this blog has already been mapped out, though, and I’m super excited to announce that some of the great Whovians of Podcastland have already joined as Correspondents. In the next few weeks, some of their first articles will be published here on — In fact, one of them already is! — so be sure to bookmark this. If you listen to the podcast, you’ll already be familiar with these spiffing people.

In alphabetical and thus unbiased order:

Arthur Fuxake (this may be a pseudonym) will be no stranger to fans of our Classic Who reviews. Leaning more to the Classic Who side of things himself, and an avid comic book fan, he’ll be opening your eyes to parts of the Classic universe you may not have explored yet, starting with perhaps the greatest Doctor Who Strip ever!

Kyle Rath (whose podcast, The Cognizant Dissidence Podcast, you should check out) will soon be gracing this blog with a column of his own, entitled For Your Consideration. Stay tuned for that!

Peter Zunitch, will be posting reviews of the Doctor Who Crossover Adventures, fan-made audio dramas that sprang up in the great dearth of Doctor Who known as the Wilderness Years. This was really fascinating to me, as I had no idea this realm of fan fiction even existed. So keep your peepers peeled for Peter’s column!

Trenton Bless (that’s Bless with Two S’s) will be heading up WBW Tops, Top Lists to rank some of the best and/or most mind-boggling of Doctor Who! Check out his first Top List here, in which he takes a look at the most egregious of The First Doctor era with William Hartnell.


Myself, I’m starting off with a few pieces about my recent TARDIS build, while the memory’s still fresh in my mind, and then moving on to other, less-DIY-centric things.

Join Us!

Now, this is where you come in. If you fancy yourself a bit of a journalist, or indeed if you are as established as they come and you’re looking for a place to pop your Pulitzer-worthy Whovian scribblings, then look no further. I’m hoping to find lots of eager Who Back When Correspondents to write for the website. Both one-off pieces and series of articles are encouraged contributions.

Whether you want to share your writing with the world, get your opinions on Doctor Who out there, or simply be part of the unstoppable global phenomenon that is Who Back When, this is a great opportunity!

If this has peaked your interest, then start by perusing the Correspondent FAQ, and then send an email to with the subject line “Correspondent” and tell us what you’d like to write about. If the topic isn’t already covered by another correspondent, we’ll ask for a writing sample and welcome you aboard.

In the meantime, there are already a few blog posts on here now, so have a peek around the place!



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