N033 Evolution of the Daleks

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The Human Dalek wants to put more Human in the Dalek Humans, and the Dalek Daleks disagree.

We’re still in 1930s New York in this continuation and conclusion of the gut-wrenchingly bad story that began with Daleks in Manhattan, and it’s just as pants, give or take.

Dalek Sec, the first and only Human Dalek, is planning to create a whole new race of Dalek Humans, and a mutiny is brewing among the Dalek Daleks as the rest of the Cult of Skaro questions the evil of his scheme.

Tennant’s Tenth Doctor and his (at this stage more or less pointless) companion, Martha Jones, play a game of ‘spot the difference’, strike Jesus poses, and collaborate with the enemy. Meanwhile, Frank (played by Amazing Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield) continues to be superfluous; Lazlo begins to wobble; and Tullulah can’t stop finding euphemisms for the Doctor being gay.



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