C059 The Daemons

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The Master summons homicidal Morris Dancers, a Daemon and a gargoyle with a spring in his step to grant him godlike powers, and obviously everything goes wrong.

On a day of some celestial significance, curmudgeon Professor Bumbletron IV decides, against the urges of the local witch, to crack open some cataclysmic catacomb that has been buried under a hill for ages, and unwittingly unleashes dark powers beyond man’s control.

The Third Doctor and his (less than capable) companion, Jo Grant, naturally attempt to intervene, but find that a different Gallifreyan has come to Devil’s End before them. The Master, now in vicar cosplay, is summoning demons and leading satanic chants in an attempt to gain godlike powers.

Delago as The Master delivers a rock'n'roll hail satan salute in Classic Who serial The Daemons

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