*SPOILERS!* The life and episodes of River Song

source by Tracey Fountain

click Ever wonder what the sequence of episodes would look like from River’s perspective? Wonder no more! I’ve compiled her timeline as I understand it, as both an episode guide and summary. Spoilers ahead!

http://josiart.at/rete/9302 River Song is probably the most interesting companion on modern Doctor Who (my Classic Who knowledge being limited at best). We’ve watched her escapades as seen from the Doctor’s viewpoint. But how does River’s timeline look from her eyes? In this article I’ll take you through what I call ‘River Order’.

http://pialadunia.es/?espikoleto=sitio-para-ligar-gratis&273=cc First let’s look at the episodes. I’ve listed them out so you may watch them yourself marathon-style if you’ve got some time to kill. Or keep reading to get my summary.

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