N019 Rise of the Cybermen

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A crazy billionaire creates the Cybermen in a bizarro London, and alternate-universe-Mickey (aka Ricky) is really angry.

When the TARDIS suddenly malfunctions, the Tenth Doctor, Rose and Mickey crash into a parallel universe. All of a sudden they find that they’ve materialised in an alternate version of London (obviously), where Pete Tyler – last seen in N008 Father’s Day – is still alive, Jackie Tyler is super-high maintenance, and evil genius John Lumic is not so surreptitiously kidnapping homeless men and turning them into Cybermen.

No spoiler alert necessary here. You’ve all read the title. That’s right, the Cybermen are getting their own reboot here! And while Doc & Co race to save the day, here are some of the things we’re treated to:

  • Parallel Mickey, aka Ricky, and his facial spasms
  • Mickey’s origin story
  • Rose having a heart-to-heart with her dad
  • The Doc blowing on a TARDIS crystal
  • Mickey getting his groin scanned (see screenshot here below)
  • And so on…

This is the first instalment in a Doctor Who double-feature, and the story is continued and concluded in N020 The Age of Steel (our review of which will drop in the next couple of days).



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